About the Author


Tyler Bumpus is an author native to Florida, where The Eternal Season takes place—first volume of his apocalyptic saga, THE SWALLOWED WORLD. He’s not a fan of Florida jokes (though many are true) because they distract from how bizarre the rest of the country actually is. And he loves this lousy little slab of limestone.

He’s much too pale for someone who’s grown up around beaches. His best excuse is: “The crowds. But the crowds! Also, melanoma.” He embarrasses his wife.

He tries to respect readers’ time and intelligence, because he is one. Lord of the FliesThe Martian ChroniclesChildhood’s End—he ate these for breakfast growing up. Also: Fruit Loops. No story, he believes, needs a thousand pages or to fit an approved genre. It must simply stir the feelings and imaginations of readers. Man, that’d look great on a dust jacket. Or a headstone.

Tyler is fast at work on Books Two and Three of THE SWALLOWED WORLD.